Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if it rains when we are out in the boat ?

All our boats have a cabin with seats to ensure you remain dry .

How much does it cost to go mackerel fishing?

We advertise our full price list here.

We want to book our angling club on an all day trip, is this possible?

You can book by phoning 07837 405816. Payment can be prior to boarding,any special arrangements can be finalised prior to the days fishing.

How many people can fit on the boat?

Each boat is licensed for 12 people plus crew and has life jackets stowed on board for all (including auto inflate for children).

How many of us can go shark fishing?

We allow upto 8 passengers on shark trips, the trip is upto 12 hours and includes refershments and lunch.

Do I have to bring my own fishing tackle?

We provide the fishing rod and tuition on how to use the equipment making it an ideal "family" experience. We have over 25 years experience of charter fishing. Specialist rod hire is available.

What if we/one of the children needs to use the toilet?

"MV Triton 2" is equipped with a single toilet facility.

How long does the Mackerel Fishing trip last?

Once on board the "MV Triton 2", you are quickly taken to the fishing grounds to maximise your time, the whole trip lasting approx 1 1/2 hours.

How long does the Shark Fishing trip last?

The whole trip lasts approx 12 hours, we use the latest fish finder state of the art touch screen technology to travel to where the sharks are located.

What bait do you use?

On Mackerel Fishing trips, we use a "lure" so you have no need to touch any bait. On Bait trips, the bait is prepared prior to sailing .Specialist baits are available whilst on board.

Are the skippers qualified?

We only use qualified, trained people on all of our trips, our skippers have a wealth of knowledge regarding the area and have your safety in mind at all times.

Where can I park the car?

We would suggest leaving the car in the multistorey car park adjacent to Sainsburys and walk through the town to the harbour(takes about 6 minutes)

Have you evr had any complaints?

In the past 15 years, wehave only ever had 2 complaints,our ISO Quality assuarnce policies require us to fully investigate any complaints.

How do I book and pay for the trip?

You can book at Tenby Harbour or by phoning 07837 405816.


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